Purchase Materials

Purchase DAW Materials

Signal business support for people with disabilities with the Disabilities At Work logo displayed on websites, letterhead, plaques, window decals, and point-of-sale magnets.

An Endorsed Business is notified of its status and receives a Disabilities At Work electronic logo for websites, press releases, and letterhead. Endorsed Businesses may purchase Disabilities At Work decals, plaques, or magnets. A separate contract with Disabilities At Work will permit the use of its logo on products.

The Disabilities At Work logo includes the year that the business is endorsed. Businesses must be endorsed every year to ensure they maintain their support for people with disabilities.

Endorsed Businesses have the opportunity to purchase the Disabilities At Work materials listed below. Each of the items prominently showcases the Disabilities At Work logo, a highly visible symbol that will indicate to all consumers, but especially those with disabilities and their friends and families, that this business supports people with disabilities.

Window Decals
10 decals
25 decals
50 decals
100 decals
Point-of-Sale Magnets
10 magnets
25 magnets
50 magnets
100 magnets

To purchase Disabilities At Work materials, contact Patty Cullinane at 908-975-3211.

PLEASE NOTE: Disabilities At Work owns all of the trademarks, service marks and logos distributed to Endorsing Agencies and Endorsed Businesses. Without the express written consent of Disabilities At Work, Agencies and Businesses may not copy, reproduce, display, republish, post or otherwise use any of the material or logo except as outlined above.