Endorse a Business

Only a Disabilities At Work Endorsing Agency may endorse a business. Endorsing Agencies nominate businesses that have earned the right to display the Disabilities At Work logo by meeting one or more of the Disabilities At Work Endorsement Criteria.

To become an Endorsing Agency, an organization must register on the Disabilities At Work website and be a community service provider, an affiliate of the USBLN, government agency, nonprofit organization, a school or district, or a similar entity that works with, or on behalf of, people with disabilities.

Endorsing Agencies, which are working at local levels, can determine whether a local business has provided support to people with disabilities at a level commensurate with its size and appropriate to community norms.

Once accepted as an Endorsing Agency, the organization will receive a user name and password and can endorse businesses through a simple process on DisabilitiesAtWork.org.

Organizations seeking to become a DAW Endorsing Agency click here.

Organizations already designated as Endorsing Agencies can access the business endorsement process by logging in below.

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