Endorsement Options

Sponsorship Options for Endorsed Companies

People with disabilities, their families, friends, and service providers control over $200 billion in annual disposable income and can use that latent consumer power to support businesses that support people with disabilities.

Disabilities At Work harnesses that power and directs it to businesses that have earned the right to display the Disabilities At Work logo in one of two ways:

going ‘beyond compliance’ in efforts to include people with disabilities in their hiring practice, and/or

contributing financial resources to nonprofit organizations that support people with disabilities.

Once a company has been endorsed by a registered agency, it can also become a sponsor of Disabilities At Work by contributing as per the prescribed levels below.

In addition to the entitlements received by Disabilities At Work endorsed businesses, an endorsed business can choose to become a Disabilities At Work sponsor. Sponsors receive increased visibility on the lists of endorsed businesses that are released on a semi-annual basis. These lists are published on the website beginning in October 2011 and are released to national and local media on the same schedule.

Businesses of any kind can contribute to Disabilities At Work and receive Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze placements in published lists, receive special acknowledgements in the media, and on the Disabilities At Work website.

Endorsements and sponsorships are valid for one year.

Platinum Sponsor:
Gold Sponsor:
Silver Sponsor:
Bronze Sponsor: