Contributions Schedule

Contributions Schedule

Disabilities At Work is a national project that provides greater return on
investment for businesses that support the disability community.

The largest minority group in the country, people with disabilities, their family
members, service providers, and other supporters, control over $200 billion in
discretionary income – an amount that exceeds that of the highly coveted teen
market. Disabilities At Work (DAW) converts this latent consumer power into
an ongoing campaign that will reward businesses that support the disabled community.

The DAW logo, displayed in business facilities via plaque, window decals, on websites, and on products, will provide a
visible symbol for targeted consumer advocacy and increased customer

Businesses will apply for the right to display the DAW logo and purchase
program materials on an annual basis.
To acquire display rights, a business must do one of two things:

be recommended by a service provider, government agency, Business
Leadership Network, or similar entity, or

contribute to the DAW campaign.

Once approved as a DAW business, the company will also be listed on the
website and may contract to use the DAW logo on
products and in other venues.

Service providers working with people with disabilities, government agencies,
Business Leadership Networks, and similar organizations, can become
registered agents of the DAW campaign at no cost.

A concurrent consumer advocacy campaign driven by national
media events, press coverage, commericial PSAs, web
optimization, and a national newsletter, will encourage people
with disabilities, their supporters and families, to ‘Back the
Plaque’ and patronize businesses that show the DAW logo on-site
or on-product.

Program progress will be informed by a predominantly business-led
national steering committee, which will meet annually.


Standard Package includes one plaque, 10 decals, and logo for website $150
Logo only package $80
Decals only
25 decals $75
50 decals $120
100 decals $200

To purchase a Disabilities At Work package, contact Patty Cullinane at 908-975-3211.