About Us

About Us

Disabilities At Work provides opportunities for businesses to acquire and display a visible symbol of their support for people with disabilities and as a result, the potential for increased customer patronage.

The largest minority group in the country, people with disabilities, their family members, service providers and other supporters, control more than $200 billion dollars in discretionary income – an amount that exceeds that of the highly coveted teen market. Disabilities At Work (DAW) converts this latent consumer power into a focused ongoing campaign that will reward businesses that support people with disabilities. The DAW logo, displayed in business facilities (via plaque, window decals, and point-of-contact signs), on websites, and/or on products, provides a visible symbol for targeted consumer advocacy.

To acquire the right to purchase and display the DAW logo and materials, a business must do one of two things:

be endorsed by a service provider, government agency, Business Leadership Network, or similar entity, or
donate to the DAW campaign as per a prescribed contributions requirement based on business size.

Service providers and other organizations that work with, or on behalf of, people with disabilities, will register to become DAW Endorsing Agencies and will have the right to endorse businesses that they know support people with disabilities. When endorsing a business, Endorsing Agencies will be asked to follow certain basic criteria, but Disabilities At Work will rely on the commitment and integrity of Endorsing Agencies to ensure that the businesses they endorse deserve the honor.

At the end of the endorsement process, Endorsing Agencies will receive a Disabilities At Work Letter of Endorsement, which they can print to their letterhead and give to the endorsed business.

With the DAW letter of endorsement, the business can purchase the DAW Display Package at cost, which includes a DAW plaque, window decals, point-of-contact signs, and website logo.

Businesses must be endorsed by Endorsing Agencies on an annual basis at www.DisabilitiesAtWork.org.

Once accepted as a DAW business, the company can display the DAW logo and will be listed on the website. In addition, the company may also contract to use the DAW logo on products and in other venues.

Service providers working with people with disabilities, government agencies, Business Leadership Networks, and other key organizations can become Endorsing Agencies of the DAW campaign at no cost.

Disabilities At Work will be informed by a national steering committee comprised of one business from each state, members of Congress and the administration, and service providers. The National Steering Committee will meet twice a year: once in person and once by teleconference.